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QS11 Forum, created by the QS11 student of Quantity Surveying enhance the Quantity Surveyors and other professionals in the field of construction and bring in them into a community in world-wide scope. This grants many services and facilitate them to encourage their followers, go through their experiences and to be associated with the industries.

Recent Articles

The Changing Role of the Architect
Sat 11 Sep 2010 by Rainn Wilson
Architects have previously occupied an uneasy territory on the edge of traditional market forces in the economy: a professional path that continually strides between commercial practice and artistic endeavor...

Impact of 3d Cad Modeling on Building and Construction Design
Sat 11 Sep 2010 by Richard M Bothom
Parametric three-dimensional (3D) modeling of buildings offers numerous benefits over computer-aided drafting (CAD drafting) for structural engineers. Buildings are compound products involving relatively large...

Construction and Prices
Sat 11 Sep 2010 by Eduart Gjokutaj
It would be a great social benefit if the Albanian builders will get out of their hands a satisfactory amount of houses. If their price from year to year will become more appealing to customers, probably a part...

Benefits of Steel House Framing
Sat 11 Sep 2010 by Jack Haymaker
More and more homeowners and building companies are continuing to turn to steel framing for their houses and buildings, and it's a worldwide trend that is gaining a lot of momentum. There is a huge range of benefits...

Assistant Quantity Surveyor
Sat 11 Sep 2010 by Angela G. M.
The role of an assistant quantity surveyor most times has the same elements as a head quantity surveyor. While not having the title and the corresponding pay rate, these individuals are responsible for many of the same...

Recent Topics

Lusail - A New City in Qatar
Sun 18 Jul 2010 by Althaf
The residential real estate market in Qatar shows potential for significant growth, driven in part by the expansion of the oil and gas industries. Indeed, demand is already outstripping supply in some areas...

Last post, Sun 18 Jul 2010 by Althaf
Basics of Taking Offs, Several Aspects of Surveying, Benefits of Working with a Quantity Surveyor, The Role of the Quantity Surveyor, What is a Quantity Surveyor?

Qatar Ongoing and Upcoming
Wed 22 Jun 2010 by Althaf
Doha International Airport offers top-level service and security to visitors from around the world, and the recently completed renovations to the multi-million dollar terminal further enhance the services available...

Quantity Surveying Programme in Qatar
Sun 20 Jun 2010 by Admin
A flexible mode part time study programme being now offered in Qatar leads to BSc (Hons) degree in Quantity Surveying awarded by University of Wolverhampton in UK. This study programme consists of 2 stages as follows...

BTEC HND in Quantity Surveying
Sun 20 Jun 2010 by Admin
QUANTITY SURVEYING is a superb career for men and women who have the desire to involve themselves in the exciting world of construction and development. In a highly pressurized world of spiralling costs and large scale...


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